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A high frequency, comprehensive end to end digital marketing and website management solution designed for product retailers with e-commerce stores and for medium to large service companies

What's Included


  • You will receive an email containing a Calendly invitation to schedule your 25-minute intake zoom/call. An outline for the intake call will be provided in advance.

Prior to the intake call:

  • An outline for the intake call will be sent to you
  • A pre-intake questionnaire will be sent to gather information about the unique aspects of your business, it's ethos/brand/voice and it's assets.
  • An ad spend survey will be sent to you which will help define ad campaign spend and target return on ad spend.
  • You will receive a request package along with guidance on how to add us to the accounts we will manage (note: you will retain ownership of these accounts)
  • We will send you a content calendar and content pipeline survey
  • We will send you a promotional calendar survey.
  • You will receive a business goals survey so that we can drive toward accomplishing the goals you have set for your business. 
  • We will send you a link to your own Trello board that you can use to submit adhoc request for our team to work on for you (turnaround time is 7 days per request)
  • A direct line of contact will be provided to ensure seamless communication for program success.
  • We will perform a comprehensive scan of your business presence online to identify opportunities.

Monthly Work

Social Media
  • Five social posts per week, weekly story posts and three reels per month on facebook and instagram
  • We will engage with your followers each month with comments and likes
Email marketing
  • Two emails per week sent to your customer list 
  • Email list segmentation
  • Four google my business posts per month, for SEO, customer education and to increase positive reviews to one google business account (if you have multiple locations, click here)
  • Two 300 word blog posts per month
Feedback and Referrals
  • A post service survey to collect feedback, get referrals and reviews will be generated for your business
Third Party Platform Posts
  • Four 3rd party platform posts per month, increasing your reach to audiences on platforms like these: Nextdoor, Yelp Connect, Facebook Groups, Linkedin
  • Up to three ad campaigns with two ads per campaign on google and meta (will be discussed on intake call). Need more ad campaigns, click here
Website Management
  • Monthly lifestyle imagery swaps for the homepage and three other key pages
  • Monthly hierarchy of collections/content on homepage and three other key pages based on business needs
  • Monthly collection review, edits as needed (adding/subtracting)
  • Automation management
Creative Assets
  • Three Canvas per month for use in emails, social posts, or printable handouts (want more, click here)
  • A monthly report of key metrics and our analysis of what's happening for the accounts we manage under this package (social media stats, email engagement and audience stats, google my business stats, website analytics)
Adhoc Requests
  • Adhoc requests are limited to the pillars of what we do: website development, email marketing, social media, ads, SEO, third party platform posting, CRM and marketing tool management and will be done one by one but you can submit as many requests as you would like.

Package benefits

  • This comprehensive plan with establish an active online presence and brand identity for your business, facilitating the discovery of more new converting customers faster while maintaining top-of-mind awareness among your current and lapsed customers to encourage repeat purchases or service bookings with you. 

Not included

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