Why You Need Digital Marketing

You're in the never ending mall of the internet and you need to direct the right customers to you

  • With billions of people online, you need a digital marketer to direct your ideal customers to you and engage with your past customers and followers.

  • There are minimum credibility standards online and you must meet them to attract new customers and earn their trust. Some of the credibility standards include; recent relevant posts to your business page on high ranking sites like Facebook and Instagram, Google My Business content accuracy and recent reviews, and you must meet website layout and design standards.

  • 93% of all global web traffic goes through google. The search intent of people on google makes it a targeted and powerful way to get in front of your target customers

  • Having a website that you own is claiming your online digital real estate. Just like a house appreciates over time, the search engine indexing of your website and your overall online presence improves over time when the right channels are active

  • Your overall presence online (likes/followers/seo/email list) will increasingly become valuable assets to your business
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