Case Studies

Retail Store Adds Sparkplug Pro Package

Nursery with one retail store location adds an e-commerce website then digital marketing with the Sparkplug Pro Package.

Started With

  • website with e-commerce functionality but was not managed; outdated inventory, no marketing against the site
  • $0 website revenue

The Results

  • $600k first year e-commerce sales
  • $400k increase in retail store and service sales
  • $2k/month average monthly ad spend

What Makes This Business Stand Out

  • 2k email list collected from their register over the years
  • Unique supply of plants at market best pricing
  • Expert staff knowledge of what they sell and how to grow them
  • 35 years in business, a known brand in the community

$192,000 Added Through The Sparkplug Lite Package With Ads Add-On

Organic residential cleaning company.

Started With

  • Simple wordpress website
  • Infrequent posts on social media, google my business
  • No process for upselling first time clients to become monthly repeat clients
  • No real understanding of what marketing was working for them

The Results

  • $192,000 added through our funnels in the first year to their business
  • Monthly blogs and quarterly site review with updates
  • Active and trustworthy online presence, 46 reviews with a 5 Star Rating on google
  • Process for upselling first time clients established

What Makes This Business Stand Out

  • Unique high-end service offering
  • Amazing company values and employee training
  • Great margin business
  • All-in owner who understands he needed to add digital marketing

Retailer With Their Own Brand and 3 Regional Locations Using Sparkplug Medium Package

Surfshop style retailer

Started With

  • Shopify site
  • Limited sales coming through site due to no marketing activities around it
  • In-house team of marketers, stretched thin on time due to responsibilities and various range of e-commerce experience

The Results

  • We rebuilt the shopify website to ensure web standards in layout/design, it now establishes credibility and tells the storied brands history (has been in the family since 1960's)
  • We work with their in-house team, established the plan we all execute against
  • Added paid ads via google and meta suite
  • Email marketing
  • $572,324 in website sales since our takeover
  • In-store impact 20% revenue lift

What Makes This Business Stand Out

  • Has been in business since the 1960's
  • Had a newly established e-commerce website doing decent volume of sales
  • 15,000 subscriber email list
  • Established social media handles used by in-house marketing team

Painting Company Using The Sparkplug Marketplace Service For Ads

Painting Company

Started With

  • Wordpress website
  • Existing website manager

The Results

  • $1000/month in ads has been able to generate enough leads to keep them booked 2 months in advance

What Makes This Business Stand Out

  • Excellent standing in the community
  • Productized service for kitchen cabinet refreshes

Results That Speak For Themselves

Retail businesses:

$1,000,000/year to their bottoms line, saves the owner time and provides piece of mind.

CR work contributes $60,000/year to their bottom line, saves the owner time and provides piece of mind.

Sparkplus leads our in house marketing team and is the expert team leading us to seven figure growth.

Very creative people that drive results.

Service businesses:

Averaging $30k in new leads per month and turning one time customers to repeat monthly clients through their proven methods.

I am booked 2 months out now, which is the max I want to be.

Memberships doubled in the first 2 weeks and are steadily growing now.

In-store and online sales have grown 30% in the first 2 months on a fixed ad spend.

Great value!