F45 Studio Case Study

F45 Studio

Before Sparkplug

Social media: Infrequent, 5x month posts

Email: No consistent email blasts

Ads: 25 leads per month between 2 studios

Website: No coach photos or bios on playbook website

Other: No studio specific graphics used on social media or email marketing, no google my business reviews, no organized promotional campaign strategy, no monthly recap of what's happening. Out of date information across the internet about their studios.

F45 Studio

What We Deliver

Social media: 5x posts per week, stories and reels with thoughtful content. Month one reach increase of 143% on Facebook, 35% on Instagram, reaching 7,464 accounts on IG alone. The IG had 510 followers, we added 52 new Instagram followers on the Novato IG. Stats keep improving with each passing month.

Email: 1x week studio specific newsletter email with thoughtful layout and content sections. 56% open rate per email to members and non member mixed segment.

Ads: An increase of 31 leads in the first month, 56 total on platform meta leads generate between two studios. $1k spent per studio on meta ads.

First Time Visits: 65 in month 1

Product Sales: $1,210 in month 1

Website: Coach photos, localized reviews, success stories

Google My Business: Averaging 5 new reviews per month per studio

Other: Canva creatives tailored to their studio, seasonal promos like the Black Friday promo execution which increased net new trialists by 28 members in a 3 day period. All online information about their studios is up to date, always. Each month studio owners get a clear view of results, summarized and emailed to them.

  • Collaborative and Familial

    "They engage with us as an extension of the team"

    - Kyle, F45 Novato

  • They Go All In

    "As exemplified by their effort and creativity in the work they do"

    - Michael, F45 San Rafael

  • Expertise!

    "Their expertise in the digital landscape adds incredible value and ultimately revenue to the business"

    - Kyle, F45 Novato

Partners In Your Member Growth and Retention

We offer better value and generate better results compared to the F45 corporate suggested agencies. We are F45 Studio specialists, used by top F45 Studios!

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